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ahhh...high school

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Jun. 18th, 2009 | 09:18 pm
posted by: luvbledrollgeek in maryisstupid

*fire drill goes off*
Mr. Smart: Hold on!
Everyone: Hold on?!?!
*drop dry ice into boiling water*

*on the board* Shakespear was a tree.
Mr B: What's wrong with that statement?
Dale: You spelled Shakespeare wrong.
Mr B: yeah ...but...
Josh: OH! Shakespeare wasn't a tree.

Mr Herman: They sold that to you?
Dave: Actually no, I confiscated it. I named it Emmanuel.

Garman: The climax is the high point and then it's all down hill
Tracy (me!): Then you're not doing it right.

Garman: oh, my pants are buzzing

Robby: That's it. We're making them a llama. I'll get the legos.

Mary: I'llgo put on my jesus suit and teach her a lesson.
Colleen: You can be jesus and I'll be jewish
mary: we can go door to door trick or treating!
colleen: and get shot for blasphemy!
Mary: It'd be worth it.

Garman: *in santa suit* Ho Ho Ho....oh crap.

Herman: Greeks went down, what rose?
Emily: Romans.
Herman: andwhat rose with romans?
Tracy: Cesar.
Herman:....what rose with Cesar?
Tracy: Salad.

Tracy: He ran over a crippled kid!
Emily: That's good entertainment.

Garman: *in russian accent* In Russia, the homeless are delicious, they taste like vodka.

Colleen: I like your shirt.
Josh: My grandma gave it to me. She has dimentia.

Garman: It would racist to a very sensitive person..... I'm thinking Oprah.

Nikki: It's cute.
Tracy: I don't like it.
Nikki: I don't either.

Herman: Always.......usually always.......a strong sometimes.

Tracy: *complaining*
Herman: oh waaa!
Tracy: Don't waaaa at me.
Herman: Fine. Baaaah. you are now a sheep.

audrey: look! a Zebrass! It's a cross between a male zebra and female ass.
Colleen: What if it's a male ass and a female zebra?
audrey: then it'd be a assbra, obiviously.

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From: pickle_breath
Date: Jun. 19th, 2009 01:38 am (UTC)

we went to the funniest high school ever. of this I am sure.

(exceptions: Clown High School)

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