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Dec. 14th, 2009 | 11:04 pm
posted by: montycrowley in maryisstupid

alysha: I'll hava a Bristol Cream
audrey: I'll have a Dry Sack
waiter: *stares, doubletakes, stares* a dry... sack?
audrey: *points defensively at sherry menu*
waiter: *stares*
alysha: they're... sherries... on the menu.
waiter: oh... *drops menus* yes, yes they are.

*alysha and audrey put cream in their sherries*
alysha: there are textures in my mouth.
audrey: if the waiter hears you say that he'll have to lie down for a while. he seems like a very sensitive man.
alysha: we could totally tag-team that waiter.
audrey: we probably should...

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