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Lucky Obamas

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Oct. 14th, 2009 | 12:21 am
posted by: afreequark in maryisstupid

Audrey: Have you ever noticed when you're really tired, your feet smell like steak?
Daniel: Your feet don't smell like steak.
Audrey: Yes they do, they smell like… They don't smell like anything…

Kyle: This hamburger is so good! I would polygamy-marry this hamburger, just to watch Emily eat it.

Daniel: BTW, WTF WRT the Nobel?
Audrey: um
Audrey: as far as I can make out it was something like "Hey Obama!"
"LOL sucka"
Daniel: I think it was actually something like "Oh boy, what are we going to do about this prize? There's a 75 year backlog, as evidenced by the fact that Newton only got one last year, but it's Sweeps week. Who's this one down to? Some monk who spent 150 years saving children from giant spiders, ruling the fertile crescent as a philosopher-king, and campaigning for women's rights, OR a president who was elected 6 months ago, and to date has... been elected? I think we know which one to choose."
Sorry, but that was just ridiculous.
Audrey: ... giant spiders?
Daniel: I'm pretty sure they had candidates like that. Obama, great to be or otherwise, has had no time to do anything but promise.
Audrey: Yes but his name was spat out of the Goblet of Fire!
Daniel: But everyone knows he's not 15 yet!
Daniel: Sorry, 17.
Audrey: It doesn't matter, rules and logic and basic human decency don't apply if the Goblet of Fire says so.
We've learned this lesson before!
Daniel: Okay, but this only means he'll have to fight Cheney in the graveyard...
I wish I could stop eating Lucky Charms...

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