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Jun. 18th, 2009 | 05:21 pm
posted by: madampresident in maryisstupid

Nikki: Can we listen to side one?
Coco: *pulls out a record* Um... this has side 2 and side 3... Is there another record?
Nikki: *pulls another one out* this has side 1.
Coco: ...is the other side side 4?
Nikki: ...yes...
Coco: ...that's stupid...

Nikki: *stomach growls* *to her stomach* shut up! I'm not hungry!

Nikki: Now I have to go back.
Coco: You could just refresh it.
Nikki: I don't want to refresh. It makes too much sense.

Coco: I haven't seen Devil Wears Prada in a while, I'm afraid I'm ooc.
Nikki: We could watch it.
Coco: I don't actually like it.
Nikki: ...why do you write fic for it?!
Coco: I like the characters...

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